The Role of Working Memory

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Do you have a child or student who is struggling to learn? They could be:

  • Finding reading and maths difficult
  • Falling behind their classmates at school
  • Having trouble following directions
  • Unable to stay focused

A weak working memory could be contributing to their problems.

Learn about the importance of working memory for learning (it can be more important than IQ).

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You are not alone - thousands of parents & teachers

are seeking answers to why children struggle to remember
instructions and are not achieving to their potential.




What's in the eBook?

This short eBook is written for parents and teachers who are concerned about a child's learning, reading, memory and attention.

It explains what working memory is, with examples you will relate to.

Read about working memory and attention, and how working memory is essential for learning language.


Good working memory is essential for learning

About the Author

Dr Martha Burns is a renowned expert in the field of neuroscience and its application to learning and learning disorders, including those caused or affected by working memory problems.  She has also been a practicing speech language pathologist for over 40 years.

She has authored over 100 journal articles on the neuroscience of language and communication and has written three books on language difficulties associated with neurological disorders.

Thanks to her ability to explain how complex neuroscience research can be used to help students of all ages, Dr Burns is a popular speaker at conferences throughout the USA and other countries including Australia and New Zealand.

Her writing and conference presentations make the latest neuroscience research on subjects as diverse as autism, working memory, auditory processing and language development understandable for teachers and parents.