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Free Maths Skills Booster

Build your child's maths skills and confidence

  • Does your child struggle with maths?
  • Have you tried to help, but it has not made much difference?
  • Does maths create conflict between you and your child?

Imagine if maths were easier for your child, how much better would they feel?

The Maths Skills Booster will help your child improve:

  • Number sense (essential for maths success)
  • Basic maths skills, calculation accuracy & speed
  • Confidence with numbers

And they will experience a feeling of success, regularly

What is the Maths Skills Booster?

  • Times tables sheets - for daily use (5 times a week)
  • Answer sheets
  • Instructions for students and parents
  • Incentive scheme to keep students motivated

Plus, you get new worksheets every month, emailed to you.



If this is your first download from LearnFast, as an additional gift you'll also receive a subscription to the monthly “Learning Brain News” with the latest educational neuroscience and Social & Emotional Learning news and helpful tips and resources.

Used by thousands of students, at home and school


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Here's what some other parents have said about how the
maths skills booster has helped their child

"The most useful part has been for my son to realise that he can do more than he thought he could and that, with determination, he can improve his maths (in which he is very behind). On day one he was in tears because it was so hard.  Now he happily (and proudly) looks back on the progress he has made. We have taken breaks as sometimes life is too busy even to squeeze 10 minutes in but he improves every time".
"It's fantastic!! My son (9yrs) has only been doing it for 2 weeks and he has already gone from not finishing to almost 7mins and all correct!!  His confidence and focussing skills have improved so much.  Thanks for introducing this to us".
"My son has managed, under your guidance, to get to 6 minutes and most of the time all right. When he started (he is 16 years old) he got most of them wrong. Thank you".
"Its really helped my son with his timetables skills and in a fun way. He's also convinced some of his friends to join him & is now making it a competition to earn pocket money".
"Seeing my kids reluctant to attempt the worksheets at first only to keep trying and see for themselves that they have improved and they can do it. Great confidence booster".
"My 9 year-old daughter Chloe has been using your Maths Skills Booster for a month. She now knows all her tables and is down to 5.5 minutes. This seems to have had far reaching benefits... and not only in maths. Chloe never seemed to like to do things quickly - especially getting ready in the morning!  But now she is doing lots of things faster. She even says she ‘feels faster’.  Yippee!"
"So far, it has proved invaluable for my sons confidence, concentration, ability to focus in all areas, especially all areas of maths, not just the times tables :) Thanks heaps!!"
"We have a set time each day that we do the Maths Skills Booster & the kids are so keen to see whether they can improve on their scores each day! We even have a kids vs parent challenge night..."
"The joy in the faces of my children when they realise how quickly and solidly their scores have improved and they have learned their tables. This is then resulting in better understanding and results in all their maths work. Yeehah!!!! THANKYOU".
"They are an easy to use resource that my children enjoy as a break from routine. They really challenge themselves and enjoy finding the patterns that help them work faster and smarter".

Get INSTANT Access to The Maths Skills Booster