Do Fast ForWord online for 6 weeks and you will see how their learning improves
You don't have to be their teacher because the exercises contain built-in motivators,
But if you do need help, a learning expert is available via weekly calls
This learning acceleration program is based on over
30 years of neuroscience research - It's known as Fast ForWord


Fast ForWord
Just as a body runs better and quicker when fit, brains learn better after consistent use of the scientifically designed exercises.

Your children do 7 exercises each day - just 7 minutes per exercise, 5 days a week. This strengthens the brain the same way a fit athlete builds muscle memory, through repetition.

Each day your children are prompted to answer hundreds of increasingly more difficult exercises in quick succession, using scientifically-based neuroscience principles.

Fast ForWord makes school easier
Best of all, students who use this program continue to make gains even after they finish

Exercises adapt to students' performance, providing precise and efficient training, personalised for their individual needs. 

After a few weeks, most parents report their children are reading better, understand more, are more focused, complete homework more easily, or have improved in several of these areas.

Fast ForWord is a research-based software for students from primary to high school. It can make a fast and permanent change to your children's ability to learn.  

Subscription Details

Fast ForWord makes school easier

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This is a 6 week subscription. Your children start on a date nominated by you.

Students progress through the exercises at their own pace. Most will complete all exercises in 6 weeks. But if anyone needs more time,  options to extend are available.

You have a dedicated specialist who will support you and your children during your subscription with weekly calls. You also have 24/7 support via videos and Q&As on our support website.



Adapts to your child; maintains appropriate level of difficulty for their ability; flexible; progress scores at end of each day   tick
Weekly achievement graph, participation and progress reports emailed to you tick
Subscription extensions at reduced cost; discount for multiple family members tick
Money Back Guarantee. Conditions apply tick
24/7 Support Website with video help tick
50 minute daily program duration, 5 days a week tick
30 minute orientation consultation (by phone) with a Program Specialist tick
Weekly 15 minute support session (by phone) with a Program Specialist tick
Progress review and recommendation session at the end of your subscription period (by phone) tick
Email access to your Program Specialist during business hours tick


Purchase the Fast ForWord 6 Week Subscription Here

There's lots more information below, if you want it 

Who can benefit from Fast ForWord?

Fast ForWord benefits everyone, children and adults, because it improves their learning capacity.

Does Fast ForWord suit all ages?

Fast ForWord is suitable for children from six years of age through to adolescents and adults.

Where can I do Fast ForWord?

Fast ForWord can be used in your own home. All you need is a computer and internet access. 

How often does Fast ForWord need to be done?

Best results are obtained when learners follow their recommended protocol of 50mins per day, five days per week until complete. Without consistency, the brain cannot rewire and build the solid foundations it needs for learning.

How do I get support?

You have a dedicated LearnFast program specialist who will support you and your children throughout your subscription with weekly calls.

You also have 24/7 support via videos and Q&As on our support website. There are also short, easy-to-follow videos and printable materials to assist you.

How much is the subscription?

The 6 week subscription is $570 ($19 per day).

Who developed Fast ForWord?

A team of leading neuroscientists, educational psychologists and educators developed Fast ForWord in the late 1990s. Since then it has been continuously upgraded and improved based on extensive user experience data, and further advances in the understanding of brain science.

How does Fast ForWord get brains fit for learning?

Fast ForWord is a suite of online programs that exercise brains, the way physical workouts train the body to be fitter and stronger. The program simultaneously develops fundamental cognitive (thinking) skills and reading skills. Together, these skills improve learning and reading ability.

Are there results published about the benefits of Fast ForWord?

Fast ForWord is the most evaluated technology-based learning and reading program in the world, used by over 3 million students.

Why is Fast ForWord unique?

Fast ForWord works on improving the brain’s “hardware” so that the teaching and tuition can be better absorbed and retained. It is unlike any other learning program or educational software.

What are the Terms and Conditions of purchasing the Fast ForWord program?

The Terms and Conditions for the Fast ForWord program can be viewed here.

Parents tell how Fast ForWord has helped

Elaine | NSW

Within 1.5 months, Elliot's concentration came easier and he was more calm.  Another month later and we started noticing subtle changes. Elliot was thinking more clearly, was more confident, and more settled in his thought processes. Elliot's times tables have also improved since doing Fast ForWord. Elliot says EVERYTHING seems clearer.

Melissa | VIC

Hugh's school psychologist recommended we try Fast ForWord.  Hugh's reading has improved from below his age level to over a year above. He is better organised and his listening skills have improved. The vice principal commented, "Wow, hasn't Hugh grown up over the school holidays?"

Mary | New Zealand

Our son has shown improvements in so many areas, most importantly, focus and attention. This has lifted his achievements across the board at school and has increased his confidence and willingness to be involved in his education. Thank you for your support, the results are amazing.

Purchase the Fast ForWord 6 Week Subscription Here

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