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What is the Evidence for Fast ForWord's Effectiveness?

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Maybe you have read or heard about some of the evidence of Fast ForWord’s effectiveness in improving learning, reading, listening, memory and attention.

But how can you satisfy yourself, or your colleagues or even your school’s board that there is enough evidence to justify an investment in this neuroscience-based program?

Do you know there are over 400 school studies and published research reports about Fast ForWord?

Now here, in one place, you can get a collated list of them.

The list includes:

  • The research design:
    • Randomised controlled trial
    • Quasi-experimental design
    • Intervention group study
    • Literature review

  • The names of the publications and the review process:
    • Major peer-reviewed journal
    • Reviewed by peers as part of proceedings
    • Reviewed by committee
    • White paper


  • The authors’ names and status:
    • University
    • Independent
    • School-based
    • Scientific Learning designed study

To get your copy of the evidence summary (listing over 400 published research and school case studies), just complete the form.

The Evidence for Fast ForWord

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