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Dyslexia - Get your free ibook


Does your child have any of these reading difficulties?

  • Slow or laboured reading styles?
  • Skips or guesses words?
  • Struggles to understand what is read?
  • Cannot read for long periods?
  • Resists reading?
  • Poor spelling?

Children’s reading problems appear early in their school years. They do not diminish over time, but persist into adulthood. Children who fall behind in ‘pre-reading skills’ in Kindergarten and Year One tend to fall further behind in later grades.

Dyslexia may be the cause of your child's reading difficulties.

Success at school depends on reading skills

Children need good reading skills to succeed at school . Almost every subject involves reading. Even maths! Students need to be able to read the maths problems. Even simple problems like “if I have 10 apples and eat 3, how many are left?”, need reading skills.

Get your FREE iBook transcript on Dyslexia

Have you ever wondered what Dyslexia actually is and what causes it? Does Dyslexia have anything to do with intelligence? Want to know how to identify and treat Dyslexia? Complete the form to download a FREE transcript of the Dyslexia iBook - A practical guide for parents and teachers by Devon Barnes

Devon has over 40 years experience helping people with language and learning difficulties and is internationally regarded for her work with people who suffer from Dyslexia. 



"This book is excellent, thank you so much.  I now fully understand what Dyslexia is and my son understands that just because he has Dyslexia doesn't mean he is dumb!  The tips on how to help my son deal with his Dyslexia in the classroom have been invaluable".  Kim, NSW.