Your child will struggle to learn if they find it hard to pay attention

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How often do you say to your child, “Pay attention?” Or, how often does a teacher reprimand a student for “not paying attention?” 

People often think attention is something simple: either you are paying attention or you are not. But, it is much more complex than most people realise. 

For example, do you ever find yourself distracted when walking into a room to get something and you forget what you came into the room for? Have you ever been listening to an audio book only to realise that you stopped paying attention several pages back?

Psychologists have been trying to figure out exactly what attention is, and why some children have more trouble attending than others, especially in school. As adults, we realise it takes time for children to develop the ability to attend carefully to a task, ignore distractions and stick with it. 

But, what exactly is attention? Why is some information easier to attend to than other kinds? What is an attentional disorder? And, perhaps most important, are there ways to improve our attentional skills?

Luckily, neuroscience-based interventions are now available, such as Fast ForWord123, to help students build their attention skills. This can make a big difference to their school performance and also help them feel better about themselves.

Fast ForWord123 is scientifically proven to build brain fitness through individualised adaptive computer exercises that develop the memory, attention, processing and sequencing skills necessary for reading and learning.

The program identifies your child's individual learning weaknesses and continuously adjusts the online exercises to keep them challenged.


What Our Clients Say

"Good improvement in concentration and reading prolifically and the teacher has noticed an overall improvement in the classroom… best money ever spent."

Anne | NSW

"I feel Fast ForWord123 has been of great benefit to Patrick. His language has certainly improved and his ability to now distinguish different sounds within words has been a huge contributing factor in his language development. His concentration abilities have improved greatly. He is far more attentive in class and the benefits of this are obvious. I recommend your program to others".

Amanda | Canberra

"Lucas likes to draw but always rushes through and doesn’t take his time. We were surprised at a drawing he did yesterday which was quite amazing and he had spent 20 minutes on it. We can notice his improved focus and attention". 

Jackie | Victoria

"After only a short time after working on Fast ForWord123, his speech had improved, there was an immediate change in his ability to recall events of his day at school. His Speech Therapist noticed an improvement with his attention".

Anne | NSW

"Within 1.5 months, Elliot's concentration came easier and he was more calm... not so stressed. Another month later and we started noticing subtle changes - Elliot was thinking more clearly, was more confident, and more settled in his thought processes. Elaine says Elliot's times tables have also improved since doing FFW. Elliot himself reports that EVERYTHING seems clearer now".

Elaine | Victoria

“Our son has shown improvements in so many areas, most importantly, focus and attention. This has impacted his achievements across the board at school and has increased his confidence and willingness to be involved in his education. Thank you for your support, the results are amazing.”

Mary | New Zealand