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Delivering the world’s best evidence based solutions for learning

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ADHD Monitoring System

Dr David Rabiner

If you have a child who is being treated for ADHD, this will help you.

It’s the ADHD Monitoring System developed by ADHD and attention expert, Dr David Rabiner, Senior Research Scientist at Duke University, USA.

How would it help you, and your child, if you could get weekly feedback on the progress of his or her treatment?

How much more effective could the treatment be if you were able to get consistent weekly updates that alerted you when any adjustments to your child’s treatment may need to be considered with the doctor or therapist?

The ADHD Monitoring System is designed to provide you with information on:
  • How well your child’s ADHD symptoms are being managed
  • Your child’s behavioural, social, and emotional functioning at school
  • Your child’s weekly academic performance

The ADHD Monitoring System can be used to monitor the ongoing effectiveness of any ADHD treatment, whether it’s a medication or non-medication treatment.

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