Every Reader Deserves a Listener

With your busy schedule, how often do you
patiently listen to your child's reading practice?


If you are like most parents, you are probably busy balancing your responsibilities with time for each child…

If it's sometimes a challenge to make time to listen to your child practice their reading…

If your child sometimes resists reading to you…

If you sometimes feel a little guilty that your "well-intentioned" helpful suggestions may not have been as calm and patient as you might have liked...

… The Reading Assistant online coach could be just what you need.



Check out the cool teachers’ infographic at the bottom of this page.


How Your Reading Assistant Works






You and your child both benefit

Your child can get patient feedback from an always “tuned-in” listener to correct their reading.

Your time is freed up to pass compliments on their progress (reports available).

They will feel progress and enjoy reading more.

Many children prefer their Reading Assistant to their "home reader" because they can get help without having to ask embarrassing questions.

What's more, they get to hear their progress.

Why Your Reading Assistant is Unique


  • Your Reading Assistant is the only online reading help that uses speech recognition to support and correct your child as they read aloud.

  • No other e-book or program provides comparable support.

  • Your Reading Assistant is an unbiased listener for your child, so even hard-to-engage children can practice reading aloud without the anxiety of being judged by the listener.

  • There are texts for all levels of reading, from Kindergarten or Prep to year 12.

  • Your Reading Assistant is a powerful tool for building confidence with learning in English.

  • Your child's reading fluency will improve dramatically, and this helps him or her understand what was read.

  • Every time your child reads, your Reading Assistant records it so he or she (and you) can listen to how they improved.

  • Your Reading Assistant builds better readers by improving fluency, comprehension and vocabulary.



Easy to Use at Home With All Your Children


Your child puts on a microphone headset, logs on to a website, and gets reading.

Step 1: They listen to a modeled reading and are asked questions to stimulate their thinking about the text.

Step 2: They read the selection aloud and record themselves.

Step 3: A comprehension quiz checks for understanding.





Getting started is easy

Call Vanessa to find out how Reading Assistant can improve your child's reading, vocabulary and comprehension.

Australia: 1300 203 104 or New Zealand: 0800 451 959

Or complete the form to book an appointment and we will call you.







Reading Fluency: Launching the Way to Comprehension [Infographic]

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